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Frequently asked questions about fence

Below is list of frequently asked questions about all aspects of choosing the right fence for your needs:

  1. How do I select a fence?

    Security, privacy, appearance, and value are the four main factors to consider when selecting a fence.  Brabham Fence can help you weigh each of these factors and help you decide which fence best suits your needs. Brabham has a wide array of images and product catalogs available on this site to help you choose the fence that is right for you.

  2. Can Brabham Fence show me what my fence will look like?

    Yes.  We have catalog images of all our fence products and we also have images of many installed fences.

  3. What is the procedure for locating property lines?

    The customer is responsible for providing exact location of property lines. In some cases a survey may be required.

  4. How are fences priced?

    Generally, fence is priced according to how many linear feet are required, what materials are used, whether electrical work is needed, and what kind of gating systems are installed, if any.

  5. How much will my fence cost?

    Brabham Fence offers free estimates upon request. Fences vary in price depending on the length, height and material. Brabham can provide rough guidelines that will help you make an informed decision, but ultimately each fence is a custom installation and must be priced individually.

  6. Should I tell my neighbor?

    Generally, it’s a good idea to always tell your neighbor about your plans to install a fence.  Aside from the practical side of ensuring that you can tie on to their fence if need be, a surprise fence can lead to tension between neighbors.

  7. Do I need a permit?

    Many city governments require permits in order to erect a fence. Brabham Fence can guide you through this issue.

  8. Do I need to worry about zoning ordinances?

    Zoning ordinances and neighborhood architectural requirements can affect the size of the fence you are allowed to install as well as the material you are allowed to use.  Check with your neighborhood association, city or county government.  Brabham Fence can help you understand these requirements and work within them to create a solution.

  9. Do I have a utility under my property?

    Almost every property in city limits has some form of utility under or near it.  It’s very important that property owners understand whether their fence will be installed over a water pipe, electrical conduit or cable line.  Aside from the possibility of electrocution during installation, it might be necessary for a utility to dig up your fence in order to make a future repair.  This can be very expensive, so planning ahead is always the best bet.

    Anyone proposing to excavate, dig, bore, tunnel, blast, or disturb the earth in any manner in which buried utilities may be damaged is requested to call Palmetto Utility Protection Service (PUPS) at 811 or toll-free number at 1-888-721-7877 between the hours of 7:30 am (EST) and 5:30 pm (EST), Monday through Friday, 72 hours before starting the proposed work.

  10. Does Brabham Fence offer free estimates?


  11. Does Brabham Fence have references?

    Yes. We will provide references upon request.

  12. Is Brabham Fence a member of any reputable associations?

    Yes. Click on the links below to learn more about the associations we have joined -

  13. Are there any useful websites that I can visit to learn more about fencing?

    Yes. Please visit the sites below -

  14. Is there a minimum price? 

    Yes, the minimum price is $500.00 per job, but estimates are free.